Helpful Tips

  • Vaccinate puppies and kittens to avoid life-threatening illnesses.
  • Use a leash when outdoors. A fleeing squirrel is hard to resist, and can end in tragedy!
  • Keep fishing lures secure and out of reach. These can smell like a tasty treat!
  • Get regular checkups for your pet
  • Avoid giving table scraps, holiday treats, and bones as these could cause your pet to become ill.
  • Always clean up antifreeze leaks and other chemical spills. Even a taste of these can sometimes cause fatal situations.
  • Always protect your pet from heat in the summer and provide fresh water.
  • Have your veterinarian examine your pregnant pet.
  • Follow your vet’s recommendations for heartworm and flea prevention. Store-bought products can be very harmful.
  • Be careful when using medications meant for yourself. A dropped tablet is easy game for a curious pet.
  • Never use at-home remedies intended for humans unless directed to do so by your pet’s veterinarian.

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