About Us

At the Emergency Clinic…

You will be greeted by a friendly reception staff trained to recognize critical emergencies. Remember, critical patients are seen first! These pets receive immediate attention and care.

Your pet will be triaged by an experienced staff member who can help further assess your needs. The doctor on duty will examine your pet, and be interested in your observations and concerns.

He/She will then explain the best options for treatment with you. Immediate diagnostics may be performed, including blood work, x-rays, etc.

Lastly, your pet will receive quality care and may even be hospitalized if his or her condition requires it. Be assured, if your pet stays with us, they will be kept as comfortable as possible, and be looked after continuously by our caring staff and doctors.

Your family veterinarian will be notified of all the results, treatments, and doctor’s notes at the end of your stay with us.


The Stark County Veterinary Emergency Clinic…

is a fully-equipped clinic with a highly trained staff prepared to assist you and care for your pet when your family veterinarian is unavailable.

This includes all holidays, 365 nights a year, and 62 consecutive hours every weekend!!

Whether it is an unforeseen accident, an ill or painful pet, our Doctors and staff welcome the opportunity to provide assistance.

New! Open Monday & Friday 24 Hours: For Emergencies Only. 
 Weekdays (Tues - Thurs) 6pm - 8am.  •  Weekends (Fri - Mon) Open 24 Hours  •  Holidays: Open 24 Hours